Rental for companies

If you represent a company this will be interesting for you.

According to our philosophy, commited with natur,in harmony with the environment and keeping in mind the idea of bringing this commitment to everyone, We are leaping out.

We expand our services and offer bike rental for companies with very special and convenient conditions.

If you are paying for an advertising company, hand-outs, commercial agents, image models and promoters, etc. Why not moving on an e-bike?

There is no better way to move around the city than an electric bike. Tao Bike offers with its company bike rental the possibility of moving more efficiently, economically and ecologically. Forget about parking problems and traffic jams and make your job comfortable and fast.

Show a more sustainable, commited to environment and more integrated in the XXI century trends image of your workers and your own company.The Relationship between your brand and ecology or zero-emission vehicles will create a very possitive effect and a better general value of your brand.

Leave us your suggestions or proposals here with your contact information and we will reply you as soon as possible.