We are working to make your reservations easier and more comfortable. Meanwhile you can make your reservations through our contact form, by phone call +34 966 17 57 39 or just sending an e-mail to hola@taobike.es adding the following information:


  • Quantity and models: ITell us how many bikes and which models do you need. Click the following link to see the bike models and accesories available and prices.
  • Accesories: If you come with your family you may need and accesory for younger members of your family (or even your pets). Look accesories available in the link at the previous point.
  • Dates for your reservation: Tell us when you need our service. Notice that Store will remain closed on wednesday so check in or check out can not be done on wednesday.
  • Timetable: Just in case you only need the bikes for short hours.
  • Contact phone: Wheter you need us to call you and make the reservation faster.

Once received the contact form or mail we will answer you confirming your reservation as soon as possible. Through the phone call the confirmation is at the moment. Apologize for any inconvenience.