How far can I go without charging the bike battery?

The most usual is up to over more or less 60 Km,however, if you use máximum assisttance during the whole trip, the duration could be minor.

Should I pedal?

Yes, Tao BIkes are assited pedal bikes, as you pedal, there is a sensor which recognizes this and activates the motor to help you move the bike. If you stop, the motor also stops.

But we can guarantee you won’t get tired.

How does it work?

It Works as a normal bike, it has a display where you can control the assistance level and check the remaining battery, you only need to pedal and enjoy.

What do I need to rent a TAO BIke?

You just need an identification, an ID or a Passport and a credit card.

Is a deposit necessary?

There are two options, one is a deposit of 150€ which is refunden once you bring the bike back with no damages.

Or you can pay an insurance of 3€ to cover any damage produced to the bike except a loss or a robbery.

Do we have any insurance included?

All our customers are covered with a third-party liability insurance since they rent the bike till they bring it back. This insurance covers all damages caused by third parties, medical Texpenses, legal assistance and accident claim or assitance due to an accident INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL PRICE.

Can I charge batteries from TAO BIke in my hotel or camping?

For rentals for 24 hours or more we will give you a small charger, similar to one of a portable pc which can be used in a normal plug to charge the batteries, you should ask in the hotel for a place to leave them charging.

How long is the charging?

From 4:30 to 5 hours.

What if I got my bike stolen?

That is unlikely, because we will give you a security lock ART, which is certified with 4 stars and really difficult to cut or break, with every bike. But in case you don’t take suitable care of the bike or accessories you will have to pay the price of the bike.

Is there a better price for long lasting rentals?

Of course!! As the rental period increases the price per day goes down, this way we make it easy for our customers to move around the city during their stay. Check Our Prices.