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Many people don’t know, but Benidorm has always supported a More Sustainable Development Model. A proof of this is the existence of an important Shoreline Natural Park and its waste recycle management policy in Benidorm.(Benidorm was one of the first Spanish cities in having Mobile Eco Park)

Benidorm promotes a big number of initiatives directed towards sustainability and ecological mobility. A big amount of events focused on sustainability are organized every year bygovermental organizations with the support of several local businesses.

In this sense, from the moment of its opening in the awesome settlement of Benidorm, Tao Bike has been involved in every possible iniciative to reach a common aim together.

Besides, Tao Bike does its bit to help with its own initiatives involving as much people as possible. You can keep yourself informed, follow us and join our event section.

There are a lot of city models living together in Benidorm, and you with your behaviour make the city move in one direction or another. You build Benidorm and riding a Bike, you make it more kind and sustainable. ¡Thanks!