Travel with kids in Benidorm.

Travel with kids to discover everywhere in Benidorm and surroundings is already possible!
of the problems of parking and the blue area, forget to pay attention to the bus schedules, there is already a way many more easy, fun and ecological get around Benidorm with the family and is electric bike!

In Tao Bike we offer solutions so that travel with children is very easy, from chairs to the youngest, a trailer to carry up to two children at the same time and in which you enjoy the beautiful and for older, but who still do not reach a great bike, we have a fun tandem system and that they can also help pedaling!

The best way to get around the city with children, because we know that it is not always easy. But with an electric bicycle pass it is super well and in addition is a 100% recommended method to make the toughest sleep!