Tao is a philosophy itself, a way to face life in harmony with the environment that provides shelter.

In Tao Bikes we are commited to nature, people around us, those far away and those who are to come.

We love to share our philosophy with friends, customers and coworkers because we are convinced that together we can reach far away. So, we are glad to share with you easy practices and advice to adopt more ecological and healthy habits for us and the planet.

Tao is the way and we invite you to go all over it riding a Bike. Do you jump on?

  • Sustainable TAO Space: Our store is ambitious.. It is decorated with recycled materials, hand-made furniture, and energetically speaking as much sustainable as possible… It wants to become a meeting point for environmentally friendly people, who enjoy open aire activities, bycicles and sustainable tourism. We can offer you free internet Access for customers and friends, bibliography and magazines related to ecological tourism, Valencian Community surroundings and so on… Cometovisitus and feellike home!
  • With Family: We have childseats and kidtrailers so you can move all together and enjoy Benidorm with the family, even with the pets as we also have pet trailers.
  • Water for customers: A drinking mineral water fountainis available to hydrate our customers and also avoid the use of plastic. If you bring a container with you we can fill it with fresh water for free.
  • Bike Cleaning: we are not charging you for the Bike cleaning as we trust our customers will bring them back as “beautiful” and “clean” as we provide them and help us to stay sustainable and not to waste water or pollute the environment with soap.
  • Information on Environment: You can check updated Weather Forecast, loca news as well as related to the environment, a list of enviromentally friendly practices, some daily advice on our black board and related bibliography that you can check anytime.