You can also commit to a more sustainable and ecological development with a few simple steps:

  • Use your Bike for moving more ecologically, sustainably and healthy.
  • Over 65% of waste we generate can be recycled or recovered, so your collaboration in recycling is very important.
  • Go shopping with a cloth bag or any other reusable material and reject plastic bags or innecessary packaging offered in some stores.
  • When you are in the countryside, use a bag to collect all your waste and after that place them in the correct bin. Don’t let others know about your visit.
  • Use special bins available in your hotel, appartment, etc..and all over the city.
  • Don`t raise the volume of the music player when in the car.
  • On Walking or Bike routes follow the guide advice. If you are on your own, please respect indicated paths and tracks, and pay attention to the signs on them.
  • Don’t pick up anything (animals, plants, fossils, minerals, etc.) even as a memory or to collect them. If you want a memory, take a photo.
  • Mediterranean forest burn easily, especially in summer, so please don’t start a fire or smoke in forest areas.