After our years of experience with the workshop, we have come to realize that the bicycle industry has very few and outdated accredited qualifications for short term mechanics.

The BEA (Bicycle Enginnering Academy) has written the world’s first engineering programs to address the need for the bicycle professional to gain recognition at the highest level of education. Our courses are delivered through the internationally recognized City & Guilds series of accredited qualifications in a unique format.

Students design, study and manufacture bicycles from scratch within our programs, developing skills that are transferable from the bicycle industry to other engineering fields should the opportunity arise, with third level education just a step away.

We started the first level of bicycle mechanic training in Spain, in Benidorm:


The training duration is 5 days, a total of 40 classroom hours of practical classroom training. This course provides a foundation in bicycle mechanics and covers all elements of basic bicycle maintenance and repair.

Currently the course is taught in English, so if you do not have a good command of the language you will have to wait a bit, we are working so that soon we can make the training in Spanish, we will let you know!


  • International professional Bicycle Mechanics Qualification
  • Internationally certified instructors.
  • Disassembly and rebuilding of a bicycle.
  • Disassemble and replace bicycle braking systems.
  • Lubricating and chain technology.
  • Bicycle road preparation.
  • Fully service a bicycle.
  • Bicycle efficiencies & frame geometry.
  • Preparing frames and forks for bicycle assembly.
  • Bicycle frame alignment & repair.
  • Repairing a puncture on a bicycle & tyre technology.
  • Disassemble and replace a bicycle derailleur assembly
  • Repair bicycle gear boxes.
  • Systematic checks & workshop management.
  • Hydraulic braking systems. Disc braking systems.
  • Rim braking systems.
  • Disassembly and replacement of bicycle hub bearings.
  • Disassemble and replace bicycle bottom brackets and crankshafts.
  • Building wheel technology & trying.
  • Maintenance of bicycle steering assemblies.
  • E-Bike legislation & maintenance.
  • Bicycle accident report inspections & litigation.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has a valid DNI /NIE number and is older than 16 years old.

What certificates will I get upon successful completion of the course?

All our qualifications are issued by City & Guilds, internationally recognized.

  • Certificate: 3902-28 Level 2 in Bicycle MechanicsBicycle Engineering Academy
  • Certificate of Completion – Level 1

What are my progression options after graduation?

Graduates of stage 1 of the combined course can progress to stage 2 of our combined Advanced Bicycle Technician course.